A selection of recent testimonials from local businesses:

"Gareth Hunt has provided his services for all of our photographic assignments over the past year or more and he is now our preferred supplier in this field. Schneider Electric is a global corporation and our communications have to be of a very high standard. This means that the photography we use has to be top notch and Gareth Hunt delivers much and more in this regard. He is very professional, his work is always completed on time, on budget and is always of an outstanding quality."

Richard While, Field Marketing Specialist, Schneider Electric

“Firstly can thank I you for assisting us with a very successful shoot and for giving us your enthusiastic attitude throughout. Your professionalism and approach to all aspects of the shoot were second to none!”

Sarah Ralphs, Product Manager, Grange Fencing Ltd

“Thanks again for the excellent images and the very quick turn around on them, will definitely contact you for any other jobs we may have in the area”.

Ronan Finnegan, Neo Environmental Ltd

"Fabulous photos - thank you".

Helen Stevens, ST Services Shropshire Ltd

“Thanks for your help with the project Gareth. The photos are excellent and the response rate was unbelievable !!”

Seth Townsley, Equipment & Systems Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric